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1,500 cubic yards of Robust Compost in June 2019

Batch Two is expected to be ready for delivery at the end of April or early May 2019. The price will be $300/cubic yard, plus shipping. Futures are sold out! A few lucky buyers prepaid and received a hefty discount and first deliveries. Call a Soil Maven today at 833-SYMSOIL (extension 200), to get on the …

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Glyphosate Degradation

Glyphosate was developed by Monsanto in the 1970s, and sold under the brand name Roundup. Today, glyphosate-based products are the most widespread herbicides. Glyphosate does not breakdown in water, air or sunlight and accumulates in many environments. There is increasing evidence that it is toxic, not only to plants, but also for animals and bacteria. While …

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Food Security & Climate Change: Let's Talk Soil

Soil microbes are key to the function of agricultural systems. Microbial populations play roles in nutrient cycling, from fixing nitrogen to solubilizing phosphorus. Thus started an interview with Dr. Kristine Nichols, the former Chief Scientist at the Rodale Institute, an independent research institute for organic farming. This is the same role SymSoil’s Senior Scientific Advisor, …

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Regenerative Agriculture and SymSoil

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles, processes and practices that actively enriches soils, biodiversity of the soil microbes, the overall ecosystem and watersheds while effectively increasing soil fertility and agricultural yields. Most practitioners believe that Regenerative Agriculture can improve the resilience of the farmer and rancher economically, as well as the well-being of …

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