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Living Soil for Farmers, Arborists and Master Gardeners.

Financial Investors

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Welcome To SymSoil

Super Farming

SymSoil™ is a Northern California start-up, which finds, cultivates and restores indigenous soil microbes to benefit farmers.

Living Soil

SymSoil is a biologically active soil amendment. We find, cultivate and restore indigenous soil microbes to benefit farmers manufacturing compost to the specifications of Dr. Elaine Ingham, founder of Soil Foodweb, Inc.

Organic Produce

SymSoil creates the highest quality product for your customers and consumers. You can taste the difference of produce infused with life through microbial soil.

The company, Sym Soil Inc., is committed to soil health.  We focus on microbial diversity by recolonizing native soil biomes.  Our biologically enhanced living soil amendment,  like humus, dramatically improves nutrient availability, soil porosity and water retention.

What Is SymSoil?

Based on regionally specific soil microbes, this type of soil has been found to increase the crop yield of organic farmers in over 100 peer-reviewed articles.

 We hesitate to refer to our core product as compost because it doesn’t begin to describe what this material does.  We have struggled to come up with a better word for this biologically enhanced, specially cultivated, dense with organic acids and nutrients. We’ve considered a number of terms other than the word compost, and have concluded that nothing else that expresses everything this product is.

 SymSoil Inc, is a California Beneficial Corp., contributing positively three ways:

  • Creating an alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides: By scaling the production of living soil, usage can become more widespread. 
  • Sequestering Carbon: Fungi in healthy, living soil can pull 4 to 9 tons of carbon dioxide out of the air, per acre, per year. (Research published by Rodale Institute.)
  • Better food: Healthy soil results in greater nutrient density and flavor.