Robust Compost and Toxin Destruction

Methylocapsa gorgona , is a soil bacteria which consumes methane, pulling the green house gas out of the air, even when it’s not near a major source.  There are other microbes, mostly members of the archaea family, known as methanogens which produce methane, which are harnessed for renewable natural gas.  Some of the best known methanogens reside in the intestines of cows and other ruminants and break down plant material into digestible foods.

Methane chart
How to reduce methane emissions 

But is Methylocapsa gorgona with its greenhouse gas cleaning capacity that grabbed our attention, when we learned A Vigorous Devourer of Greenhouse Gas Is Living In the Soil Beneath Our Feet.
SymSoil Robust Compost has a complex community of soil microbes, including bacteria and archaea.  While the DNA analysis found 2,003 individual species, it found 297 families of bacteria.  So, of course, the first thing we did, after reading about  Methylocapsa gorgona, was to check the list of soil microbes in our product.
About 3 tenths of one percent of all that bacteria in SymSoil are members of the Methylontenera family, not the Methylocapsa family. 
What did we do before Google? 
A few keystrokes and we were able to confirm that, yes, both forms of bacteria use methane and carbon dioxide for their energy and food needs.  And if you care to go beyond microbewiki you can find information about SymSoil’s methylanime consuming microbe here.
This is TMI for the rest of us, but is more evidence in favor of one of Katharine Hinson’s core beliefs  … there exists a soil microbe somewhere which will consume anything with a carbon chain. 

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SymSoil Inc., a Benefit Corporation (B), is a leader in development of biological soil amendments for agriculture that restores the microbes that provide the right food to the plant roots, improving plant health, and making food more tasty and nutrient dense, the way nature intended. These indigenous crop and regional soil specific microbes regenerate the soil significantly increasing crop yields and nutrient density in food. For more information please visit https://www.fundable.com/symsoil-inc or  call 833-SYMSOIL (833-796-7645)

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