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Soil Biology
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Using SymSoil V50
for Potting Clones

Fill a 10 or 20 gallon pot with potting soil. Prepare a hole for the clone, and add 1 cup of V50 in the 10 gallon pot (2 cups for a larger pot) and place the clone on top.

The roots grow through the soil microbes and conditioned biochar. Each ½ cubic foot bag has 50+ cups.

SymSoil Grow Block

Start your clones right, with biology that encourages them to grow to their maximum potential.  You started your girls right (with 1.5″ SymSoil Grow Cubes), now keep them in the same environment for their entire life. 

Each block’s impact on your final crop will blow you away.  

Available to the public in 2021.  


In an outdoor, greenhouse or hydroponic grow, each cube will add 10% or more to your bottom line.  

  • More Nodes and Blooms
  • Larger Flowers
  • Increase in complex flavors and chemistry
  • Healthier Plants
  • Thicker Stems to Support Large Flowers
  • Reduced Water and Nutrient Needs

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