Cannabis and Hemp

Nematodes in space

AstroNematode: Biocontrol Agent

Significant BioAg Practice Advancing Pest Control Heroes can come from the most unexpected places. Particularly, a tiny worm like an AstroNematode of the soil microbe biome can be a valiant protector of high value crops. This post explains how. Biocontrol and its advantages Chemical pesticides are traditionally used as defense against crop damage. But chemical …

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SymSoil Grow Cubes

SymSoil Grow Cubes will reduce the cost of growing cannabis. Clones which root in SymSoil Grow Cubes will demonstrate greater health and vigor throughout their lives, resulting in larger yields and better flavor profiles. SymSoil Inc. is a soil health company, focused on the microbial diversity that allows plants to absorb nutrients the way nature …

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