Microbial Solutions for Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation


"SymSoil provided a solid foundation for success. SymSoil® Robust Compost helped cap[ture] the moisture … Without Robust Compost, my plants would have dried and withered during those long power outages when the pumps for irrigation couldn’t be used."
Jon, Grass Valley
"Greatest amino acid brick testing results ever! Cannabis treated with a SymSoil tea extract tested over 24 Brix"
Ezra Wolferton
"Largest yielding cannabis plant ever! Producing over 12lbs of flower"
Master Grower
"SymSoil regenerative methods will reduce our operations costs by 20%"
IgladI, Colorado

Calculate how much SymSoil Grow Cubes can add to your bottom line

SymSoil Products for Hemp & Cannabis

SymSoilRobust Compost
  • Complete Soil Biome
  • Ideal ratios for CBD or THC
  • Increase terpenes and reduce water and nutrient needs, while optimizing for either CBD or THC
  • SymSoil offers soil testing, consulting services nematodes for insect controls
Grow Cubes
  • 1.5″ Peat or Coco + Microbes
  • 8″ SymSoilTM Hydroponic Cubes
  • Pre-orders for 8” hydroponic cubes available at a discount
  • Biology  infused grow cubes for cloning available in 50 cube trays.  Endophytes
  • Cannabis — through Grow Cubes
  • Hemp (Outdoor) — available as powder or pellets

Grow Cube Results

  • How much can a SymSoil® Grow Cube improve your bottom line? 
    • A minimum of $20 per plant, after the cost of the cube.
    • We assume an indoor grow, with 1.4 lbs/light per cycle, 4 plants per light, and $300/lb cured flower 
  • Master growers will see more than a $50 per plant increase in profits.  Assumes you currently get:
    • 0.6 lb cured flower per plant (adjust for your actual results)
    • $1,050/lb price (4Q19 this was the National Average for Wholesale Cannabis Flower)
    • Higher Terpenes and Higher THC than your current production
  • In addition, you will probably see lower operating costs:
    • SymSoil’s biology strengthens the immune system of plants.  Less (usually none) of the following pathogens.
      • Powdery Mildew
      • Root Aphids
      • Fungus Gnats
      • Thrips
      • Fusarium
    • Less money on plant nutrients
      • SymSoil’s biology includes nitrogen-fixing microbes
      • Humic and Fulvic acid is embedded in the cubes
      • SymSoil’s biology will reduce water needs

Calculate how much SymSoil Grow Cubes can add to your bottom line

“Soil is an almost magical substance, a living system that transforms the materials it encounters”
— George Monbiot

Soil Based

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