Amsterdam Has a Museum for Microbes

Smithsonian Magazine ran an article about Micropia, a museum for microbes.  If you

David Scharf/Corbis)
By Erin Blakemore

have read other material from SymSoil, you probably already know that all of life as we know it is dependent upon the life in the top six inches of soil, and the fact it rains.
You may have heard one of talk about how the weight of microbial life in an acre of healthy farmland is about 10,000 lbs or the weight of two full grown elephants.
Obviously, the team at SymSoil think this is important, but it was interesting to learn about this museum.
Micropia‘s tagline is “discover the invisible life.”  The usually unseeable is on full display at the museum, which is the world’s first dedicated to microbes. The microbe museum features a huge tree of life that highlights the role of microscopic creatures.
Visitors play with human-sized avatars that illustrate how many microbes are part of the average Joe, and even shows people how many microbes they exchange when they kiss.
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