SymSoil® V50 – a blend of Robust Compost and Fungal Infused Biochar

Some customer s want the immediate boost of SymSoil® RC, a very robust product full of soil microbial life AND the long-term conditioning effects of SymSoil® FIB, our conditioned biochar.

SymSoil® RC, is a form of Robust Compost, and the flagship product for SymSoil Inc.  RC includes the complete ecosystem of soil biology. The complete soil microbe biome includes 7 broad categories of life: Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi, Amoeba, Flagellates, Nematodes and Microarthropods, as well as other forms of life.  (link to RC Page)

SymSoil® FIB, is a soil conditioner – a form of biochar which has been condition for immediate use. This product is 90% biochar, with fungal foods, humic acids, fungal spores and nearly 10% SymSoil® RC to seed the complete soil microbe biome.  In plain English, the complete soil ecosystems with a highly desirable home for the microbes and lots of food to get these life forms well established. 

Learn more about Fungal Infused Biochar here. 

Photo courtesy of Oregon Biochar, a SymSoil biochar suppliers

The first use of SymSoil® V50 (before it had a name) was trees in a parking lot in Orange County, California – an asphalt desert where the heat was higher than the ambient air temperature.  This product is designed to help plants cope with heat and dry conditions. 

Customers who use it include:

  • Conventional farmers, looking to improve soil health by adding biology and providing that biology with a home.
  • Farmers in arid areas. Biochar is extremely hydrophilic and can reduce irrigation needs substantially.  The combination of microryzza and endophytes and biochar can reduce irrigation needs by as much as 50%.
  • Vineyard owners and managers seeking to improve their terroir.
  • Organic Farmers seeking to speed up the process of regenerating their land.

Talk to us about large scale farming  applications, so we can tailor a solution that works for you.