regenerative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture and SymSoil

On the continuum from organic farming to sustainable farming, regenerative e farming is the logical next step.  With each crop farmed in a regenerative way, the soil health and fertility improves.  Thus, regenerative agriculture is the return to the harmonious and mindful application of natural systems to farming.  This approach has proven its ability to …

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Nematodes in space

AstroNematode: Biocontrol Agent

Significant BioAg Practice Advancing Pest Control Heroes can come from the most unexpected places. Particularly, a tiny worm like an AstroNematode of the soil microbe biome can be a valiant protector of high value crops. This post explains how. Biocontrol and its advantages Chemical pesticides are traditionally used as defense against crop damage. But chemical …

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AstroNematodes Reach For The Stars

Important Soil Microbe Biome Link Studied for Significant Pest Control …3…2…1…Blast Off!!  A nematode named Steinernema feltiae – a.k.a. AstroNematode – just spent the past month aboard the International Space Station.  Scientists hope the data collected on these creatures when exposed to the extreme microgravity environment will help us learn more about these useful pest …

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Regenerative Agriculture and SymSoil

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles, processes and practices that actively enriches soils, biodiversity of the soil microbes, the overall ecosystem and watersheds while effectively increasing soil fertility and agricultural yields. Most practitioners believe that Regenerative Agriculture can improve the resilience of the farmer and rancher economically, as well as the well-being of …

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