Sourced From American Farmers vs. Vegan – Words Matter

Back in May, Statista sent an insightful graphic on the words used in marketing of produce and food.  Based on work from Morning Consult on the words that impact the produce and food purchases of consumers.
words that make groceries less appealingThe most appealing words?  Fresh, Farm-fresh and Sourced from American Farmers.  
This grabbed my attention because if followed insights I gained from watch a video about marketing meat alternatives and other new food items.
Many of the terms, labels and categories are perceived by consumers as judgement about their lives and eating habits.
If the label, like vegan, reflects a judgement and the consumer is not full invested in that category … their response is resistance. The message they hear is the brand or company “thinks they are bad” pushing the consumer away from the product.  The video was insightful, but I can’t seem to find it again.
If I do, I will post it for my contacts who are in organic agriculture.

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