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In the wild, the soil microbial biome cycle nutrients and feeds plants the way nature intended.  Sometimes this cycle of life is called the Soil Food Web or living soil. The full spectrum soil ecosystem includes bacteria, fungi, archaea, beneficial nematodes, amoeba, flagellates and micro-arthropods. Small insects, some barely visible to the eye, contribute by chopping up leaves and other organic matter, creating tunnels in the soil which helps water and air move, and eating other member of the soil food web.

Healthy soil has broad biodiversity across all 7 types of life – and among the arthropods it includes  springtails, beetles, and ants, sowbugs, spiders and mites, centipedes and millipedes. Nearly every type of soil is home to multiple species of arthropods.

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Soil Food Web Overview can be found here.

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SymSoil is a leader in development of biological soil amendments for agriculture that restores the microbes that provide the right food to the plant roots, improving plant health, and making food more nutrient dense and flavorful, the way nature intended. SymSoil has products and services for growers using regenerative agriculture methodologies which improve profitability. Its flagship product, SymSoil® RC (Robust Compost) is a complex community of soil microbes, which includes in excess of 1,000 species, covering broad biodiversity of bacteria, fungi, amoebae, and other protozoa, beneficial nematodes and microarthropods. SymSoil was named one of 2019’s AgTech Companies to Watch.

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