SymSoil Production Hub #1 Suisun Valley

Update on the property preparation:

playground chipsPlan is to finish grading of the site.  The first load of chips will be spread by Saturday at the latest.  David, our carpenter and handyman  will advise today if it can be done sooner than Sat.
Peter has 2 Fairfield tree companies lined up to begin delivering large quantities next week.  The immediate grading will be to flatten and smooth on existing contours with one exception: a slight  depression now collecting water – maybe 4-6” deep and 30’ across – will be filled before covering.  Then entire area will be compacted somewhat and should be fully accessible for chip dumps.
More decomposed playground chips are available from a local playground building company.  Katharine will be looking at this material – perhaps it could be used as a fungal farming  feedstock.  These  wood chips are definitely of a much higher quality than we will get run of the mill from tree companies.  They are all wood and pretty well along in decomposition, and all new material will be lots of green and twigs, not usually a lot of wood.

About SymSoil

SymSoil Inc., a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), is a leader in development of biological soil amendments for agriculture that restores the soil biome, providing the right food to the plant roots. This improves the health and vigor of plants, making food more tasty and nutrient dense, the way nature intended.
The core product is Robust Compost, a complex community of soil microbes on a solid transport medium.  These regionally-specific, indigenous microbes regenerate the soil fertility.  For more information call 833-SYMSOIL (833-796-7645)