Living Soil

SymSoil ® RC has been made to the specifications of Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web Thermo Compost

Any product we sell will have:
  1. Bacterial Biomass – 300 micrograms of bacterial biomass per gram 
      1. Within the bacterial biomass, no spirilla, spirochetes or streptococci chains will be observed.
  2. Fungal Biomass – 300 micrograms of beneficial fungi per gram
      1. Within the fungal material, no more than 15 micrograms of oomycete biomass will be observed.
      2. Fungal to Bacterial Biomass Ratio (F:B) will be disclosed
  3. Protozoa – more than 10,000 flagellates and amoebae present per gram
      1. Within the flagellates/amoebae material, 100 or fewer ciliates will be observed.
  4. Beneficial Nematodes – more than 100 beneficial nematodes, predominantly bacterial feeders with a few fungal-feeders and predatory beneficial nematodes, will be observed per gram.
      1. Zero root-feeding nematodes will be present.
  5. An independent laboratory will confirm that no Fecal coliforms are present.  If e.Coli is present, an independent laboratory will confirm there are no Istat e.Coli (the species harmful to human and animals)  
  6. An independent laboratory will confirm that there are no heavy metals or pesticides in the compost.

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