Local Carbon Network

Local Carbon Networks have existed in California since mid-2019, and are now available nationally.

Membership in a Local Carbon Network represents a personal commitment to climate action, with the tools to sequester one ton of carbon per year, using food scraps and your plants.

The key is complete composting, with enough heat from bacterial decomposition, and a finisher that restores fungi and the rest of the healthy soil microbe biome.  Soil biodiversity is necessary to sequester carbon in the soil.  This creates a product that increases the flavor and nutrient density of food from your victory garden or the health and vitality of your houseplants or flower garden.

With each subscription to a Local Carbon Network, comes regular shipments of the three key ingredients to convert kitchen waste into material that will sequester carbon through soil.  These ingredients are:

  • Sky Carbon (Biochar)
  • SymSoil Biology Finisher (Fungi-Plus)
  • Woody Material

It is almost impossible to make high quality compost with kitchen waste.  Plant need organic material which is fully broken down and contains the full range of soil microbes.  The majority of the carbon sequestration is done by the fungi, which functions best in an environment with the full range of life.  

 A combination of biochar, woody material and a “finisher” with the full range of soil biology, makes composting easy – with no smells, no insects and no mess! 

Examples When Planted With Local Carbon Network Biochar