Invest in Carbon Sequestration

If you are looking for ways to impact climate change and increase carbon sequestration, please come hear the SymSoil pitch at Hanson Bridget in San Francisco on July 19th.

Tomato plant
2 Tomato plants – one with and one without SymSoil(TM)

At the end of the day, improving soil biology is the only way to  significantly roll back the carbon dioxide PPM – and it has to be economically make sense to farmers.  Come here the SymSoil story! We increase crop yields for farmers using organic methods, and have want to help them get carbon credits.

microbiometer tree
This picture is from the website of MicroBIOMETER

We use the Microbiometer to measure organic matter in the soil    #FeedtheSoil #climatechange #SoilHealth #SoilFood Web #organicfarming #KNF #SFW #farming #regenerativeAg #Regen18 #SustainableAg

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