Heavy Metals and SymSoil™ Batch One

Batch One of SymSoil™ Robust Compost has almost no heavy metals. More details to be found at SymSoil.com
Below is a table which details each element, and contrasts this with  in contrast California’s Maximum Allowable levels.   The trace amounts average less than 5% of legal allowable limit, and are believed to have originated with the OMRI certified Jepson Prairie used in the manufacturing of SymSoil™ Batch One.



Batch One




Parts/Million (mg/kg)

Concentration on a Dry Weight Basis

Arsenic (As) 5.5 41
Cadmium (Cd) <1.0 39
Chromium (Cr) 27 No Limit
Copper (Cu) 55 1,500
Lead (Pb) 44 300
Mercury (Hg) <1.0 17
Nickel (Ni) 26 420
Selenium (Se) <1.0 100
Zinc (Zn) 200 2,800

This five page memo gives more details
Memo on heavy metals
Pages 2 & 3 are independent soil chemistry report from Soil Control Labs, which detail the three tests they performed for metals.  Pages 4 & 5 include the statute from the State regarding these metals .