Healthy Living Soil Explained

In this 3 minute video, Dr. Ingham describes how plants interact with biology in healthy soil.  SymSoil™ reseeds the soil microbes, that she describes, so they can feed the plant the way nature intended.
All farmers want healthy soil, and SymSoil’s products and services are designed to revive dead dirt back to healthy, living soil.  
Many farmers think that compost is the “solution”, as it adds organic matter to their soil. These farmers don’t realize that the manufacturing process of commercial compost kills most of the components of the soil microbe ecosystem.  It is designed to kill pathogens, a necessary step, but also bakes and kills the fungi, protozoa and other beneficial organisms. 
Without reseeding the soil microbes, it often takes an organic farm more than a decade to restore the fertility of virgin soil. 
All farmers want healthy soil, and SymSoil™ is designed to revive dead dirt back to healthy, living soil.  
This clip, from the documentary Symphony of the Soils, does a good job of making the science accessible, by combining the words of Dr. Elaine Ingham with images.


SymSoil Inc., as a microbe farmer and soil blender, may be overly focused on the role of the soil microbes in plant health. Our science staff approaches Regenerative Agriculture from the perspective of training in permaculture, Korean Natural Farming, carbon chemistry and Dr Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web. From our perspective, Regenerative Agriculture draws on centuries of what worked in agricultural practices before the introduction of agrichemicals, as well as decades of applied research in the fields of organic farming, holistic management, agroecology, agroforestry, biodynamic agriculture and natural farming from around the world.

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