Introducing SymSoil Grow Cubes

Grow Cube Results

Start your clones right with biology that encourages them to grow to their maximum potential.  These peat moss starter cubes (1.5″)
will impact your final crop by increasing yield and lower your costs. 


In an outdoor, greenhouse or hydroponic grow, each cube will add 10% or more to your bottom line.  

  • More Nodes and Blooms
  • Larger Flowers
  • Increase in complex flavors and chemistry
  • Healthier Plants
  • Thicker Stems to Support Large Flowers
  • Reduced Water and Nutrient Needs
  • In addition, you will probably see lower operating costs:
    • SymSoil’s biology strengthens the immune system of plants.  Less (usually none) of the following pathogens.
      • Powdery Mildew
      • Root Aphids
      • Fungus Gnats
      • Thrips
      • Fusarium
    • Less money on plant nutrients
      • SymSoil’s biology includes nitrogen-fixing microbes
      • Humic and Fulvic acid is embedded in the cubes
      • SymSoil’s biology will reduce water needs

Special Pricing Promotion

SymSoil is releasing its Amazing Results Grow Cubes with a one-time special offer of $10 for 6 cubes.
Each cube is 1.5”  in Peat and Wild-Source Microbes from Northern California, that are deliverable to any medium.
SymSoil Amazing Results Grow Cubes are inoculated with over 2,000 species of beneficial soil microbes, including protozoa and nematodes and a wide variety of fungal species. In addition, each cube contains approximately 5,000 beneficial fungi spores to enhance nutrient availability.
SymSoil Grow Cubes come in trays of 50, and are priced at $125.00. 

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