GEOTea 250

Turns 1 cubic yard of Robust Compost into 6,500 gallons of liquid


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Greater Earth Organics GEOTea Compost Tea Machine​

SymSoil, Inc. is the West Coast Distributor of GEOTea 250 Compost Tea Machine and GEOTea Complete Activator sold in conjunction with SymSoil Robust Compost.

The joint effort simplifies every Ag industry soil enhancement strategy to increase grower profits while restoring the soil, sequestering carbon, and reducing water needs. Designed for commercial use, the GEOTea Machine is sold in 24 countries and now available in every state in the country. SymSoil has efficient, affordable products, manufactured with a patented and scalable technology to restore crop and soil specific microbes.

“It is a profound relationship designed to take early adopters to the next level of ROI, bring more industrial classes of landscapers, herb growers, vintners, arborists, and more to creating a previously unseen quick change in Ag practice and profits,” said SymSoil’s Elizabeth Pearce.

GEOTea’s Robert Posthuma added, “I have been in many aspects of the fertilizing business, and traveled internationally learning, educating, and assisting individuals and companies for more than 25 years. SymSoil is the first such partnership I have added to my business. I am excited for both of us and the industry.”

Healthy soil affects everything. The quality of the food we eat, the quality of the air we breathe, and health of our rivers, lakes and oceans. When we use too many chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we are destroying our soil – taking the Life out of it. One of the best ways to build, maintain and conserve soil is to put Life back into the soil. Compost Tea does that.

Here’s the connection. One acre of healthy soil will contain several thousand pounds of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, micro-arthropods and other organisms that tirelessly transform organic matter, minerals and each other into vibrant, healthy and rich soil that is full of nutrients, water-holding capacity and disease-fighting organisms.

High quality Compost has these same sets of organisms. Plants and microbes exist in an extremely symbiotic relationship. With a GEOTea Machine, one can safely and effectively extract and multiply these beneficial microbial societies into a liquid solution that can be easily applied to farm fields, orchards, turf, landscapes, greenhouses or anything else that nurtures living plants.

GEOTea Liquid Biological Amendment (Extract) is an extract made from SymSoil compost and water. While Active Compost Tea has a very short “shelf-life”, Liquid Biological Amendment (LBA) can remain viable for up to two months or more. This is because high quality finished and mature compost contains a vast diversity of microorganisms that have gone into different states of dormancy, or suspended animation.

The different kinds of microbes were very active during the actual composting process, but when a compost pile stops heating up and begins to look like “good black dirt”, or soil, this an indication that the microorganisms have run out of readily available food resources. With nothing more to eat, they go to “sleep”.

If a person makes a compost tea with just water and compost, it is considered an “Extract”, “Dormant Tea” or “Liquid Biological Amendment”. In the GEOTea Machine, nearly all of the microorganisms in compost are extracted (dislodged) from the actual compost particles in one to two hours, due to the vigorous action of the patented “Submerged Extractor Dome”. Though the organisms are extracted into the liquid, because there are no new food resources, they remain relatively dormant, thus requiring very little oxygen. This is the reason for the ability to be stored for prolonged periods.

When food resources are added such as GEOTea Complete, or liquid fish, molasses, kelp, etc., the microorganisms sense this new presence of nutrition and begin to “wake up”, grow and reproduce. With this new availability of food, the microbiological communities become very active and consume a large volume of oxygen as they vigorously grow and multiply, thus the need for a continual supply of oxygen until they are applied to plants or soil. If starved or limited of this vital oxygen supply, the compost tea quickly becomes anaerobic and conditions will favor the growth of pathogenic organisms instead of the beneficial microorganisms desired. This is the reason why an Active Compost Tea has a very short “shelf-life” (4 to 8 hours) once removed from an active oxygen supply.

Because the microbes in an Active Compost Tea are in the process of growing, multiplying and performing their metabolic activities, they can produce a lot of bio-film, or “slimes and glues”. This makes an Active Tea ideal for application to plant and leaf surfaces (foliar spray) because they have the ability to adhere well. When applications are directed onto soil or low lying plants (turf, pasture, etc.), an Extract might be preferred as the organisms will wake up and grow as food resources and environmental conditions allow. Often times, Dormant Tea or Extract is applied along with a food resource to help encourage the microbes to become active and multiply immediately as they hit the soil. Plants devote a lot of energy to produce exudates from their leaves and roots of which are largely comprised of microbial food resources.
The GT250 comes in two models, and you can buy them either with or without a tote (IBC). The GT250.9 is the original machine and is identical to the GT250.12, but has a 9″ diameter Extractor Dome which holds 15 quarts of compost vs. the GT250.12, which has a 12″ Extractor Dome and holds 30 quarts of compost to make an even more concentrated brew. Also available in a 50 hertz model for countries with a 50 hz power grid.

GEOTea GT250 starting at $4,000.00

When ordering, be sure to mention SymSoil to get the best price and the best compost tea.