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We intend to install fixed bays at our Suisun Valley location to accommodate multiple  colonies of fungal species of  3-6 cubic yards each.  This describes the functional qualities that these bays must deliver and the design decisions made to accommodate each consideration.

Fungal Hypha from SymSoil Robus Compost

To get a good, substantial start on this capacity within a reasonable budget, we undertake 4 initial bays with a capacity of 3-6 yards each.  These will have a nominal size of 4 x 4 x 3 feet, with an actual  interior volume of  approximately 162 cf, or six cubic yard.
By nominal, it is meant that the dimensions will be based on standard lumber linear dimensions of multiples of  8’ in length and and 1’ and 4’  in width for framing and sheet material.  Because of material thicknesses and actual widths of dimension lumber, actual interior capacities will be slightly less than the nominal volume of  192 cf.
Because fungi require an aerobic environment, some portion of the volume will be exposed to air, in a way that allows slight circulation of fresh air, consistent with maintaining  temperature during colder weather.  It is expected that a slight but significant temperature differential between the contents and ambient will induce a slight flow of air.
Access challenges – both hand tools and tractor bucket need to be able to get material in and out of the bin, while it maintains geometric an structural integrity.
Thus one entire side  – the front – needs to be opened or removed periodically, structurally disconnecting  the left and right  sides from each other without deforming the basic cubic shape.  Thus, there needs to be a permanent structural member across some pert of the front that allows access while maintaining structural integrity when the front is open or removed.  This can only be accomplished by a member across the front permanently connecting the bottom left and right hand corners, at or below grade to avoid interference with the action of the loading bucket.
For this reason, the bin will sit on and be permanently attached to an approximately square base frame of 2×4, laid flat which will also tend to decompose over a year or two and be replaced every year or two, at minimal cost.
The front of the bin will be a panel of similar construction to the sides, but hinged and latched closed rather than permanently attached.
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