SymSoil Engineered Soil

SymSoil® RC is the flagship product and has a Fungal Biomass to Bacterial Biomass ratio of 1.0.  An F:B ratio of 1:1 is the gold standard for composting and the requirement for Soil Food Web or bio-active compost.  When part of the full spectrum, soil microbe biome, it is ideal for shrubs and great for nearly all plants.

SymSoil believes the complete soil microbe ecosystem matters and yet in different environments the balance between the key components differs. 

An F:B ratio of 1:1 is ideal for most row crops.  But trees and vine require a higher ratio and plants that originated in the grasslands prefer a lower ratio, with a higher proportion of bacteria. 

Hemp plants, for example, maximize their CBD production at a F:B ratio of 1.2:1.

Most crops originated on the edge of the grassland and the forests.  But vines with a forest origin prefer even higher ratios.  Wine grapes maximize thei r flavor profile when the F:B ratio is 1.6 to 1.8:1.0.

Similarly, almonds, apples and olives can prefer a Fungal biomass to Bacteria biomass ratio of 4.0:1.0 or higher .  Soil under Redwood trees can have an F:B ratio as high as 100:1.

Talk to a Soil Maven about your crops and your soil.  Share your most recent soil test and water test and let us help you.  (Info@SymSoil.com or 833-SYMSOIL)

Our patent-pending process, allows SymSoil’s production team to control any one of the components of the RC  we sell. 

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