Charlotte Figi Dies, a Victim of the Corona Virus

You may not recognize her name, but Charlotte Figi, who died April 7th and was only 13, was the catalyst for the medical CBD movement.  The story of Charlotte’s epilepsy, and the rebranding of a strain called The Hippies Disappointment as Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley Brothers, moved the US towards legalized medical cannabis, the return of hemp farming to America and, ultimately, the recreational marijuana.

Charlotte Figi in 2014, Photo by Brennan Linsley/NY Times

Charlotte had a rare form of epilepsy, known as Dravet syndrome. She had seizures from the time she was an infant and, in 2011, her parents discovered that CBD reduced the seizures. At that point, she was having as many as 300 seizures per week and her family had tried every type of pharmaceutical without meaningful success.

In a New York Times article, Charlotte Figi, Who Helped Popularize CBD for Medical Use, Dies at 13, her mother described how her daughter went from a seizure every 30 minutes, to no seizures for a full week. Her story inspired others with the condition, who had similar results. Ultimately, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the chief medical correspondent on CNN, included Charlotte’s story in Weeds his documentary film, which advocated the use of CBD to treat epilepsy.

While today there are many hemp growers and high CBD cannabis cultivators, and CBD has almost become a mainstream consumer product for its anti-inflammatory properties, this all started with the Figi family’s willingness to buck convention, take the risk of trying something new and sharing the results with others.

The CBD industry owes the Figi Family thanks. Also the Stanley Brothers who were also willing to be public about Charlotte’s Web, at significant personal risk at the time. Charlotte’s web was and is specifically bred its high CBD and low THC content. Their company sill uses proprietary genetics to create extracts for a variety of health and wellness products that are non-intoxicating.

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