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Soil Health – A Quick Low Cost F:B Ratio Analysis

A tenet of biological farming with the soil food web is “Feed your soil and the soil will feed your plants”.  Applying management practices that develop and maintain desired microorganism levels and diversity, will feed the plants by cycling nutrients they need.  From a business standpoint, it’s important to know that applied material and labor … Soil Health – A Quick Low Cost F:B Ratio Analysis Read More »

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Efficiency and Optimization in Agriculture Today

In these unprecedented times, farmers and cultivators are finding themselves with the weight of this pandemic, and its resulting economic recession, on their shoulders. The demand for fresh organic produce is as high as ever, with many families looking to secure healthy foods that are high in nutrition and capable of boosting their immune systems … Efficiency and Optimization in Agriculture Today Read More »

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CARES Act and Agriculture

Today the CARES Act was passed in Washington. includes money to replenish the U.S. Department of Agriculture Commodity Credit Corporation and money for emergency appropriation to support farmers and growers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Soil Food Web

Unsung Soil Heroes, the Soil Food Web

21st century farming tools are biology. Overview of the Soil Food Web (SFW) or soil biology. How the soil microbe biome and related soil organisms work together to make nutrients accessible for plants.

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Regenerative Agriculture and SymSoil

On the continuum from organic farming to sustainable farming, regenerative e farming is the logical next step.  With each crop farmed in a regenerative way, the soil health and fertility improves.  Thus, regenerative agriculture is the return to the harmonious and mindful application of natural systems to farming.  This approach has proven its ability to … Regenerative Agriculture and SymSoil Read More »

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Robust Compost

Robust Compost feeds plants the way nature intended with the complete soil microbe biome.  Sometimes called Living Soil, Soil Food Web compost or biocomplete compost, the full spectrum soil ecosystem includes bacteria, fungi, archaea, beneficial nematodes, amoeba, flagellates and micro-arthropods. Often it has other types of life, including animals (earthworms) and it may contain diatoms … Robust Compost Read More »

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What is Robust Compost?

Robust Compost not commodity compost. It contains the complete soil microbe biome and biologically active. See: BioComplete or Soil Food Web

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Nematodes in space

AstroNematode: Biocontrol Agent

Significant BioAg Practice Advancing Pest Control Heroes can come from the most unexpected places. Particularly, a tiny worm like an AstroNematode of the soil microbe biome can be a valiant protector of high value crops. This post explains how. Biocontrol and its advantages Chemical pesticides are traditionally used as defense against crop damage. But chemical … AstroNematode: Biocontrol Agent Read More »

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