Microbial Solutions for Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation

Three SymSoil Products for Hemp & Cannabis
SymSoilTM Robust Compost
  • Complete Soil Biome
  • Ideal ratios for CBD or THC

Grow Cubes
  • 1.5" Peat or Coco + Microbes
  • 8" SymSoilTM Hydroponic Cubes

  • Cannabis — through Grow Cubes
  • Hemp (Outdoor) — available as powder or pellets
Grow Cube Trials
  • Trials began the week of Jan.14, 2019
  • Grow Cubes are expected to prove a cost reducation of at least $20 USD per cured pound, with higher THC and terpenes
  • SymSoil infusion, plus SymSoil cloning process, plus additional microbes purchased with exclusive license for cannabis
  • These additional microbes have never been used before in cannabis. They live inside the plant, pull nitrogen from the air and make the nitrogen available to the host plant.
SymSoil’s patent pending process cultivates the complete soil ecosystems, using methods from multiple composting traditions and proprietary techniques.

There is only 60 years of crop cycles remaining according to the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization.

The Solution
  • SymSoil's patent pending process cultivates the complete soil ecosystem. 
  • Thousands of species are infused to create biofertilizer. 
Meet The Team
  1. Elizabeth Pearce
    Elizabeth Pearce
    25 years of experience in investments and finance (MBA/CFA). Working with green or impact startups since 2010 and agricultural companies for the last five years.
  2. Katharine Hinson
    Katharine Hinson
    President, Science
    Over a decade of experience in organic farming, focusing on a variety of approaches to composting and microbial development on behalf of cannabis growers.
  3. Sam Grosso
    Sam Grosso
    President, Operations
    Marine veteran, Combat Engineer & Permaculture Designer. Sam's interest in cannabis derives from the needs of veterans and his studies in plant-based medicines, in the context of cultural anthropology and native peoples.
Cannabis Growers: Over 200 cannabis growers have requested samples of SymSoil.

Sales and/or consulting with 710 Labs, Private Reserve, Sur Farms, HQP, Green Coast. 
“Soil is an almost magical substance, a living system that transforms the materials it encounters”

— George Monbiot

SymSoil Inc. — A California Benefit Corp.

A scalable alternative to chemical fertilizers.  Bacteria that break down glyphosate in every batch. Specialized batches for plants in salty or alkaline soil or environmental remediation.

SymSoil comes with:
  • Experienced Management Team made up of Leading Experts in Living Soil
  • Intellectial Capital
  • Proven Business Concept
  • 250 ton "small" first batch
  • Initial Orders

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