Product Description
Fungal Infused Compost with Biochar has been conditioned by SymSoil for immediate use. This biochar has been blended with fungal foods, SymSoil’s wild-sourced fungi and other soil microbes, and tens of thousands of fungal spores. This product will stimulate and reseed the soil ecosystem, which will feed plants the way nature intended.   


1 cubic foot of this compost blend, which contains 90% biochar, is the perfect amount to be blended with 1 cubic yard of potting soil or compost from your nursery or other supplier.   


$69.95 per cubic foot   SALE $50.00 per cubic foot + shipping.

Shipping Information

Shipped in a 10” x 10” x 20” box, in a breathable bag.  Weight is 31 lbs.    

Fungal Infused Biochar
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  1. Spore Cluster
  2. Biochar Nematode
  3. Char Humic Fungal
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